Every car rental company in Lebanon has different policies; here are the three most important car rental policies you should know about:

1) Insurance and deductible payment policy

It is very important to ask about the insurance scheme offered in your car rental in Lebanon. Whether it is an all risk insurance including cars, driver and passengers or just a partial insurance; you should know how much of the damages you would be responsible for in case of an accident.

2) Allowed mileage on the car

Some car rental companies in Lebanon have restrictions on allowed mileage per day on their vehicles. Be sure to ask your rental agent about this as you might incur extra charges per km!

3) Fuel Policy

Car rental companies in Lebanon expect you either to return the car always full of gas or with the same amount of fuel that you took it in. Some even refund extra fuel if they gave you the car half empty. Either case, you should know your car rental fuel policy not to incur extra charges.


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